Starting our myTrips Road Trip: Photo Geotagging

We are packing up and heading out of Ocean Beach, San Diego tomorrow heading north towards Bozeman Mt. Our trip will be tracked by a RemoteDash tracker plugged into our truck. It’s all publicly viewable at

One of the features we have if you subscribe to RemoteDash is something called geotagging. Geotagging is tagging things by their location and it usually refers to tagging images. Our application enables this very easily. All you have to do is have your camera or smart phone enabled to tag GPS to your pictures. Upload your pictures to Dropbox and then RemoteDash will automatically (after your authorization) scan your Dropbox for the images and place them on our maps. You can see the outcome from the goings on today at We walked on over to Dog Beach in San Diego which is near my house and took some pictures of our dog Ruckus out there. We uploaded the pictures to Dropbox and the RemoteDash cloud took care of the rest.

Geotagging is standard with a RemoteDash subscription. You can also add comments to any of your photos. It’s a fun thing.

Thanks, Mark

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