Wired Vehicle Monitor

vehicles on road

RemoteDash Standard Wired Application Features

  • ✔   Real-time mapping
  • ✔   Mobile phone alerts
  • ✔   Boundary entry/exit alarms
  • ✔   Daily driver report card
  • ✔   Trip playback
  • ✔   Speed, harsh braking alerts
  • ✔   Vehicle Data Archiving
  • ✔   Mileage Reporting for Taxes, Expenses
  • ✔   Mobile Phone, Tablet, PC Displays
  • ✔   Weekly Email Vehicle Reports
wired unit
  • 3-wire harness comes with device. Hook up to power, ground, and ignition.

  • Do-it-yourself installation or reasonable installation cost at Best Buy,

  • No cellular subscription required. RemoteDash provides airtime.

  • Approximately match box size  (2.0” X 1.8” X 1”)

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$99.99 and $19.99/month

No contracts!
30-day money back guarantee!

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GPS Tracking and Mapping

  • View track of any day

  • Daily statistics

  • Access to every message from device

  • Play back any trip

Daily Report Card

  • Optional Daily Driver Behavior Report

  • Cumulative and Daily Grades

  • Grades Correlate to Known Safe Driving Factors Used by Insurance Companies

  • Driving Events Tabulated and Mapped

Driving Statistics

  • Daily Statistics Table

  • Maximum Braking, Speed, Acceleration

  • Direct Link to Daily Alarms

  • Statistics, Charts for Last Month

Photo Geotagging

  • Tag photos to the location

  • Automatically imports photos from your Dropbox account

  • Places photos on RemoteDash maps based on time and location of the photo.


  • Mobile Phone/Social Media Alerts

  • Harsh Braking, Rapid Acceleration, Speeding

  • Boundary Exits/Entrys, Ignition On and Off

  • All Alerts are Optional and Configurable

Multi-Platform User Interface

  • Responsive platform displays well on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PC’s

  • No need for mobile phone application

  • Full feature capabilities on all platforms

  • Display adjusts to fit screen

Weekly Email Reports

  • Vehicle/behavior report emailed every Sunday

  • Complete play back of entire week

  • Statistical summary of week

  • All alarms and events identified and mapped

  • Enables data review without logging in

Mileage Documentation

  • Expense reporting and tax documentation

  • Charity, medical, business miles separately documented

  • Annual reports with daily mileage increments

  • Excel downloads

Data Archiving - Moving Device from Vehicle to Vehicle

  • Allows the device data to be saved to an archive database

  • Allows device to be moved from vehicle to vehicle and  the data associated with the  device saved to different asset names.

  • Great for use in rental cars and for moving from one family vehicle to another

money back

$99.99 and $19.99/month

No contracts!
30 day money back guarantee!

Order Now!

or call 800-934-6771