More on Photo Geotagging

Thanks for the feedback on our myTrips application. We have changed it around a lot to make it more user friendly and to concentrate on the photo geotagging elements. Take a look at our demo at You will see our track with the photos embedded in the map at the location of myTrips imagethe photo. The biggest issue we have found on implementing this is the GPS tagging with the Android S5. It appears that sometimes the S5 assigns previous GPS positions to the photos it takes. Still, the app is moving along quite nicely thanks to your help. If we find a workaround for the 5S we will let you know about it.

The photo geotagging comes standard with our current RemoteDash products. Images need to be uploaded to Dropbox and then the RemoteDash application imports and maps them automatically. It’s all real simple for our users.

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