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New Cloud Technologies Better Enable Photo Geotagging, Fleet, and Teen Applications

It has been awhile since we blogged and that’s mainly because we have been busy developing a new cloud technology to run our applications.  We completed the cloud a couple months ago and we are pleased with the applications it now enables for us.  Our cloud is accessible with the use of any Internet browser and on any Internet display device:  PC, tablet, mobile phone, etc.  We have built it with the latest technologies and architectures.  It is the foundation for major improvements to our product line and for many new Internet products we are developing.

The primary application enabled by the cloud  is our vehicle monitoring application. This application retains the  features discussed throughout our website like vehicle playback, geofencing, mobile phone alerts, daily and weekly email reports, engine light status and fault code identification among other features.  Navigation and display has been greatly improved and enhanced. A new dashboard display has been added with real-time display and active gauges for speed, acceleration, altitude and RPM.  Go to to see a demo and check out the many features of our vehicle monitoring application. It has strong applications for teenage drivers, individuals logging their miles for tax or other purposes, and small fleets.

We are using our cloud to help gourmet food truck owners manage their trucks, IT, and social media.  The cloud has direct connections into Google, Dropbox, Twitter, and Facebook and this allows us to post to the appropriate social media automatically based on the truck’s schedule and location with our patent pending technologies. We have enabled a public interface to the truck’s location so the truck’s customers can have instance access to the truck’s business location and whereabouts.  It is a whole new and improved way for food trucks to connect and communicate with their customers.  You can check out the site at and

Our cloud technologies are also being used to help people capture their life experiences. With the use of our photo geotagging and tracking technologies, we are able to utilize standard mobile phone applications that track phones and the phone’s camera to capture experiences. These experience are organized, shared, and compiled in our cloud.  You can read more about it and see it in action at

We are excited about the new applications we’ve built with our cloud and those that will be enabled by it in the future. It is an exciting time for RemoteDash.  Please take a look at any of our apps and see if they can help you or your business.

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