Teen Driver Tracking

Teen Driver GPS Tracking Devices

With RemoteDash GPS tracking devices for teen drivers, you can be comfortable knowing that your teen driver is hitting the road safely. Our GPS vehicle trackers not only provide real-time location updates, but you’re also able to receive speed and location alerts the moment your teen driver exceeds any speed or boundary you select. Encourage your teen drivers with a RemoteDash GPS tracker.


RemoteDash Standard Features

  • rsz_checkmarkInstalls in seconds
  • rsz_checkmarkReal-time mapping
  • rsz_checkmarkMobile phone alerts
  • rsz_checkmarkBoundary entry/exit alarms
  • rsz_checkmarkDaily driver report card
  • rsz_checkmarkTrip playback
  • rsz_checkmarkSpeed, harsh braking alerts
  • rsz_checkmarkEngine Light and Fault Code Identification
  • rsz_checkmarkData Archiving
  • rsz_checkmarkMileage Reporting for Taxes, Expenses
  • rsz_checkmarkMobile Phone, Tablet, PC Displays
  • rsz_checkmarkNo Mobile Phone App Required
  • rsz_checkmarkWeekly Email Vehicle Reports
  • rsz_checkmarkVIN reporting and VIN database mapping

Hardware Options

  • OBDII plugs into port under dashboard in vehicles manufactured after 1995

  • Reads vehicle’s computer and transfers vehicle data over cellular network

  • No cellular subscription required. RemoteDash provides airtime.

wired unit
  • Wired unit easily installs under dash. Necessary for  1995 vehicles and  older and stealth installations.

  • 3-wire harness comes with device. Hook up to power, ground, and ignition.

  • Do-it-yourself installation or reasonable installation cost at Best Buy,

  • No cellular subscription required. RemoteDash provides airtime.

  • Approximately match box size  (2.0” X 1.8” X 1”)

money back

$99.99 and $19.99/month

No Contracts!
30-day money back guarantee!


  • Simple installation

  • Plug-in under dash

  • Get online in minutes

  • GPS device matchbox size

GPS Tracking and Mapping

  • View track of any day

  • Daily statistics

  • Access to every message from device

  • Play back any trip

Daily Report Card

  • Optional Daily Driver Behavior Report

  • Cumulative and Daily Grades

  • Grades Correlate to Known Safe Driving Factors Used by Insurance Companies

  • Driving Events Tabulated and Mapped

Driving Statistics

  • Daily Statistics Table

  • Maximum Braking, Speed, Acceleration

  • Direct Link to Daily Alarms

  • Statistics, Charts for Last Month


  • Mobile Phone/Social Media Alerts

  • Harsh Braking, Rapid Acceleration, Speeding

  • Boundary Exits/Entrys, Ignition On and Off

  • All Alerts are Optional and Configurable

Multi-Platform User Interface

  • Responsive platform displays well on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PC’s

  • No need for mobile phone application

  • Full feature capabilities on all platforms

  • Display adjusts to fit screen

Weekly Email Reports

  • Vehicle/behavior report emailed every Sunday

  • Complete play back of entire week

  • Statistical summary of week

  • All alarms and events identified and mapped

  • Enables data review without logging in

Archiving Data - Moving Device from Vehicle to Vehicle

  • Allows the device data to be saved to an archive database

  • Allows device to be moved from vehicle to vehicle and  the data associated with the  device saved to different asset names.

  • Great for use in rental cars and for moving from one family vehicle to another

Mileage Documentation

  • Expense reporting and tax documentation

  • Charity, medical, business miles separately documented

  • Annual reports with daily mileage increments

  • Excel downloads

Engine Light and Engine Fault Code ID

  • Engine light status

  • Source of engine light reported

  • Identifies and displays engine fault codes

  • Included with weekly status report email

  • OBDII device only

Vehicle Identification Number Database Look-up

  • Reads VIN from vehicle computer

  • Obtains vehicle manufacturing data from VIN

  • Provides tabular display of manufacturing data

  • OBDII device only

money back

$99.99 and $19.99/month

No Contracts!
30-day money back guarantee!