Vehicle Applications

Fleet Tracking Systems, Fleet Tracking Device, Vehicle Tracking System for Cars

road vehicles

RemoteDash Application Features

  • rsz_checkmarkInstalls in seconds
  • rsz_checkmarkReal-time mapping
  • rsz_checkmarkMobile phone alerts
  • rsz_checkmarkBoundary entry/exit alarms
  • rsz_checkmarkDaily driver report card
  • rsz_checkmarkTrip playback
  • rsz_checkmarkSpeed, harsh braking alerts
  • rsz_checkmarkEngine Light and Fault Code Identification
  • rsz_checkmarkPhoto Geotagging
  • rsz_checkmarkMileage Reporting for Taxes, Expenses
  • rsz_checkmarkMobile Phone, Tablet, PC Displays
  • rsz_checkmarkNo Mobile Phone App Required
  • rsz_checkmarkWeekly Email Vehicle Reports
  • rsz_checkmarkVIN reporting and VIN database mapping

Hardware Options

  • OBDII plugs into port under dashboard in vehicles manufactured after 1995

  • Reads vehicle’s computer and transfers vehicle data over cellular network

  • No cellular subscription required. RemoteDash provides airtime.

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wired unit
  • Wired vehicle monitor comes with 3-wire harness for  connection to 12/24 Volt power, ground, and ignition

  • Allows for stealth installations and installations in 1995 vehicles and older

  • Do it yourself installation or  low-cost installation available at Best Buy

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Sports Tracker Small
  • Sports Tracker device provides weather proof, rugged, sealed housing for ATV, motorcycle, or industrial equipment applications.

  • 3-wire harness provides connection to 12/24 Volt power, ground, and ignition.

  • 1.1 Amp-hr battery provides emergency power, removal detection

  • Internal accelerometer provides motion detection, wake-up

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