Mileage Tracker

Mileage Tracker Device – Mileage Docmentation for Taxes RemoteDash, the most accurate and automatic mileage tracker, gives you total peace of mind as your mileage log is automatically created for you. Our 100% GPS-accurate mileage logs generate the biggest mileage deductions with better audit protection than any app. Did you know you can save big […]

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Teenage Driver GPS Monitoring

Teenage Driver Monitoring Devices Are you looking for a GPS tracking device you install in your car to monitor your teen? There are tons of companies trying to sell them to you. To cut to the  chase, about 95 % of them are offering pretty much the same thing: a cellular GPS device that connects […]

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Location Tagging Photos with Android

Location Tagging Photos with Your Android Want to location tag your photos with your Android?  It’s simple and we tell you how to do it in this post. Why would you want to location tag? Well maybe you want to place your photos on a map so you can see where the photo was taken. […]

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Moving Files from Android to Google Drive

Moving Track Files and Geotagged Photos from your Android to Google Drive One of the things you need to be concerned about is backing up your phone data. There are lots of ways you can do it.  I guess typically most of us will connect to our home computer with a USB cable and drop […]

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RemoteDash Cloud Applications

New Cloud Technologies Better Enable Photo Geotagging, Fleet, and Teen Applications It has been awhile since we blogged and that’s mainly because we have been busy developing a new cloud technology to run our applications.  We completed the cloud a couple months ago and we are pleased with the applications it now enables for us. […]

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