RemoteDash Announces New Vehicle Monitoring Systems, Pricing Options

SAN DIEGO – June 3, 2015 – RemoteDash announces the release of a new product line that adds numerous new application features to their wireless vehicle monitoring systems based on the results of successful year long testing and customer feedback. To go along with the new product line, RemoteDash has added new pricing models that include no money down pricing and low cost monthly payments.

Ray Calhoun, CEO, stated, “We launched our first products about a year ago and have been testing and soliciting customer feedback. We have listened to our customers, and have changed our pricing models to better suit their requirements and added many of the application features they suggested. Our recent release of cloud software adds the new features after some extensive testing. We appreciate our customer’s feedback and will continue to improve our state-of-the-art products with their help.”

The new application features, many of which are new to fleet and consumer vehicle monitoring, include options to connect the RemoteDash systems to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and cloud service providers such as Dropbox. The RemoteDash systems also now enable photo geotagging and simple import of images to RemoteDash maps, as well as optional daily and weekly email reports of vehicle track and performance. RemoteDash has also improved its mileage documentation applications to simplify documentation for tax and expense reporting. “We feel that our suite of applications provide consumers and fleets with tools that will assist their lives and businesses at price points that were previously unobtainable”.

About RemoteDash

RemoteDash, a Silver Bridge Technologies, LLC, Company, provides real-time, wireless monitoring with an extreme focus on low-cost, simple solutions for consumers. For more details on our products and services, visit

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